1830 DEED
charlotte HIERLiHY

Northumberland County Records

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick F5318
Volume 35 Page 451 Number 222

Copied from Charlotte: Mother of Tabusintac by Kimberley A. Branch 1995

Charlotte Hierlihy

Deed – Registered September 3, 1830 (Transcription)

Know all men by these presents that I Charlotte Hierlihy of Tabusintack in said Country widow have inconsideration of being maintained duently the remainder of my natural life as well as for the natural affection and esteem I have for my son William no grant bargain and and convey alienate and confirm and these presents to my said son William Wishart of Tabusintack in said county have granted bargained conveyed alienated and confirmed all and singulair my lands as well as assigns that is granted to me in my own name on the grant of certain lands to John Blake and others at Tabusintack appraised to experience had to said grant will more fully appear. To have and to hold all the properties commodities and privileges either on Law or Equity in my name belonging or appertaining and I Charlotte Hierlihy for my self, my heirs and assigns will the said granted and conveyed presents over warrant and spend to the sire of my son William Wishart his heirs and assigns against the claims of all men for ever in witness where of I have unto these presents at my grant and at same time applied my seal at Tabusintack in said County the (blank) day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred fourteen and in the 54th year of the reign of our Lord the King.

Signed, sealed and delivered Charlotte Hierlihy (L.S.)

In the presence of us

Willam Ferguson, JP : suscribing

J.W. Hierlihy : witnesses

Northumberland County. Be it remembered that on the third day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six seen before me John Ambrose Street Esquire Register of Deeds and wills for the said County personally appeared James W. Hierlihy one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Deed who being by me only sworn on the Holy evangelist almighty God deposith and (?). On ever personally pesent and did see Charlotte Hierlihy the grantor in the foregoing Deed sign seal and Deliver the same for the said land and purposes therein mentioned.

J.A. Street Esquire

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