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Calendar of Entries From Registry Books
Northumberland County Courthouse
From Pioneers of the Miramichi (Article by Louise Manny)


Registry Book 5 – Number 28

Robert Reid – Acting County Registrar

October 12, 1789

Duncan Robertson of Mir., as attorney for John Dewar, late of this place, for £10 current money of this prov., to Eli Luckings of Mir., Black Smith, Lot # 40 on s. side Mir. bounded by Thos. Lobin on Eastside and Eli Luckings on w. side, Daniel Mesheau’s survey, 1785. Witnesses Robt. Taylor. The signature of Duncan Robrtson was acknowledged before Alex. Taylor, Esq., Oct. 12, 1798, and registered next day by Robert Reid.


Registry Book 5 – Number 2

Robert Reid – Acting County Registrar

July 25, 1797

Robert Beck of New Castle, for £15 to Philip Hierlihy, Cooper, a tract on the north side of the River Tabusintack, at present occupied by Robert Beck. Witnesses, John Henderson, Tabith Carpenter.


Registry Book 6 – Number 71

Robert Reid – Deputy County Registrar

July 1, 1801

Duncan Robertson of Mir., Yeoman, for £100 lawful money of Gr. Brit., pd. In money and surity, to Angus Fraser, Yeoman, the lot on s. side Mir. River between Robert Loggie and Alex. Murdoch Lots, known by name of Lot # 5, granted to Duncan Robertson under Great Seal of N.B. Witnesses Hugh McLean, Alex. Taylor


Registry book 6 – Number 79

Robert Reid – Deputy County Registrar

July 2, 1803

Benjamin Stymist, Jr. of Bay duvin Yeoman, for £230 lawful money of N.B., to Farqr. McRae, Yeoman, one half of a certain saw mill situate on Bay duvin River, together w. all lands, bldgs., clearance and clearances, improvements, utensels, properties, privileges, interests and appurtenances thereunto belonging … Witnesses, Donald McLean, James Horton. Relinquished by Farqr. McRae to Benj. Stymist, Jr., Oct.23,1807. Witnesses, Murdoch McKenzie, Daniel Leavitt.


Registry Book 7 – Number 1

Andrew Reid – County Registrar

August 10, 1803

Indenture between Farquhar McRae of Mir., Carpenter and Benj. Stymist, Jr., of Mir. Whereas F. McRae is indebted to B. Stymist by one distinct note of hand, July 1803, for £240 current money of N.B. … McRae mortgages his mill and tract of land for the amt … at head of Bay duvin River … both Mill, Mill Geer, Fisheries etc. Witnesses, Simon Kollock, Jane Urquhart.


Registry Book 8 – Number 66

Andrew Reid – County Registrar

July 20, 1808

John Blake of the parish of New Castle, Cooper, for £50 current money of N.B., sells to Robert Blake of New Castle, Cooper, Lot # 8 on the south side of the River Mir., granted to John Blake. Witnesses, James Roy, Jr., Wm Turner. (Sgd.) John Blake, Catharine (Blake).

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